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This is our live currency converter, exchange rates are updated every minute of the day from 00:00 GMT on a Monday to 21:00 GMT on a Friday. You can convert currency of major world exchange rates. If you have a website you are able to place this converter on it by visiting our webmaster tools section.
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Live Forex provides a real time currency quote table and the live currency converter above for use on your website, blog or myspace pages. The rates update in real time each minute and are 24 hours a day Monday to Friday. Just copy and paste the code into your webpage html from the text boxes on our forex webmaster tools page. All we ask is you keep our two small links intact underneath the quote table and converter which promote our service, and the use of the module is free for ever.

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For all your currency needs check out Exchange Rates - Get the latest Euro exchange rate direct from the market updated every hour throughout the day. Also featuring information on how to send money abroad using money transfer services, historical exchange rates and many more currency tools such as converters, forex charts, news reports and tables to compare rates from brokers.


Live Forex Rates

Our Live Forex rates are updated once per minute from 00:00 GMT Monday until 21:00 GMT Friday. The live rate is available 24 hours a day and can be viewed in our quote tables and forex rates pages, you can also use our live currency converter tool which allows you to convert currency at current live exchange rates. For forex trading we also provide a currency sentiment indicator on our rate pages, which gives the user a quick view of the general sentiment on popular currency rates.