EUR JPY Forex Chart

This real-time EUR JPY forex chart enables you to follow the current Euro / Japanese Yen rate, and use technical analysis on historical data. The rate updates many times per minute and the chart can be customised to suit your needs, with indicators and various price displays.

The Euro and Japanese Yen are currencies of two power house economies. Billions or Euros and Yen are exchanged weekly between financial institutions, businesses, Governments and private individuals. The EUR JPY chart will show the rate which determines how economy is doing in terms of strength. For instance, if the Japanese economy strengthens, the Yen could climb, meaning pressure would be put on the Euro and the rate would fall.

Latest EURJPY News

EUR/JPY: Here Is Why 132.60 Is Significant

The Euro failed to move above 133.80 recently and corrected lower against the Japanese Yen. EUR/JPY is approaching a major break as there is a contracting triangle forming with support at 132.60 on the 4-hours chart. The US Core CPI in Nov 2017 posted an ...

Is EURJPY The True FOMC Play?

For the past few weeks, EURJPY has been contained to a 132.00-133.00 zone as the push/pull tug of war between bulls and bears provided no clear winner. The market essentially remains in a “show me” mode as traders await the FOMC rate decision and more ...

EURJPY Sees Risk To The Downside In The Short Term After Recent Rally Reverses

EURJPY has been in a neutral phase for the past three months as the pair has been trading sideways in the 131-134 area when the uptrend from April to September lost steam. Looking at the 4-hour chart, EURJPY is capped at the 50-period moving average at 133.33.

EUR/JPY: Finish The Range

Currently we are at 133.67 in a well-established range. We are looking to continue to the Range top at 134.46 and then reverse there back to the 0.786 Fibo at 133.67. The average daily true range (ATR) for the pair currently is 77 pips.

Forex technical analysis: EURJPY fell below MAs and trend line. Momentum increased.

The EURJPY has moved below the 100 bar MA and 200 bar MA on the 4-hour chart at the 132.908 and the 132.66 levels respectively. It also cracked below an upward sloping trend line at the 132.91 area. The combination has sent the pair lower. Risk is now at ...