EUR CAD Forex Chart

You can use this EUR CAD forex chart to view the real time Euro and Canadian Dollar rate, and view historical trends over time. You can adjust the settings to display candlestick, bar or line views and use technical analysis indicators for further study.

The Euro and Canadian Dollar are major currencies of two economic giants. These two areas complete millions in transcations each and every week, with business, banking and private trading making up most of the exchange. The EUR CAD chart can help you forecast price trends in this pair, and updates in real time several times each minute.

Latest EURCAD News

EUR/CAD Could Break To The Upside

EUR/CAD has been in a long-term bearish trend since the 1990s. This has been in accord with a generally bearish trend for EUR, which the market has been general ...

FxWirePro: EUR/CAD breaks out of 'Descending Triangle' pattern, bias bullish

Trading View EUR/CAD was trading 0.16% higher on the day at 1.5380 at around 06:25 GMT, outlook bullish. The pair has shown a break out of Descending Triangle pattern and technical analysis ...

Will EUR/CAD continue climbing?

EUR/CAD has been in a recovery mode since Friday, when it hit support at 1.5150, slightly below the upside support line drawn from the low of June 2 nd. Yesterday, it emerged above the tentative ...

Euro Can Soon Be Much Higher Than Now

Hopes faded at the end of the European session and the beginning of the American one, when the DAX and SP500 surged back inside the triangle.

Germany: A Step Ahead Of The Rest

The German authorities have been able to manage the coronavirus pandemic better than most developed nations through a quick lockdown and wide-scale testing. The ...