EUR CAD Forex Chart

You can use this EUR CAD forex chart to view the real time Euro and Canadian Dollar rate, and view historical trends over time. You can adjust the settings to display candlestick, bar or line views and use technical analysis indicators for further study.

The Euro and Canadian Dollar are major currencies of two economic giants. These two areas complete millions in transcations each and every week, with business, banking and private trading making up most of the exchange. The EUR CAD chart can help you forecast price trends in this pair, and updates in real time several times each minute.

Latest EURCAD News

EURCAD shows signs of cracking lower. What does that look like?

Looking at the daily chart above, the price this week moved to the highest level since July 2009. The high price reached 1.61506. That high surpassed the March 7th high that reached 1.6121. That high broke the high going all the way back to January 2015 at ...

EURCAD moves back above 2016 high, but stalls ahead of Friday's high

The 1.6103 high from 2016 is a key level to eye. The EURCAD reached a high of 1.6103 back in January 2016. Two plus years later, the pair moved above that level on March 7th and again during Friday's trading (see hourly chart below) Each break failed.

Trade Recommendation: EUR/CAD

The Euro/Canadian Dollar pair (EUR/CAD) lost its bullish steam in March 2009 when it generated a lower high of 1.69708. Things went from bad to worse for the pair when it broke below support of 1.55. For six straight months, EUR/CAD posted long red candles ...

EUR/CAD under pressure below 1.58 post ECB's Coeuré comment

Poloz to speak on Tuesday at 14.30 GMT. Eurozone CPI on Friday at 10.00 GMT. The EUR/CAD is trading at around 1.5780 virtually unchanged as the US Session is starting on Monday. The EUR/CAD lost more than 360 pips last week after attempting to break the 2 ...

EUR/CAD retreats from 2-year high resistance, Poloz next week

The EUR/CAD is closing the week with a reversal pattern. Bank of Canada Governo Poloz to speak on Tuesday at 14.30 GMT. The EUR/CAD is trading at around 1.5800 down approx 0.48% on Friday so far. The main event of the week for the EUR/CAD has been the ECB ...