EUR NZD Forex Chart

Here is a EUR NZD forex chart which updates in real-time for todays current Euro and New Zealand Dollar rate. You can study price trends using longer time frames, use technical indicators to perform analysis and change the display to suit your needs.

While the Euro and New Zealand Dollar rate is not classed as a major forex pair, it is still highly liquid with many huge transcations occuring between these two economies. Banking transactions, business and private individuals all follow the EUR NZD exchange rate closely to try find the optimum time to send money.

Latest EURNZD News

EUR/NZD 78.6 Zone Shows Fresh Sellers

The EUR/NZD is bearish and it’s having a retracement. We could see a bit of selling in the zone provided that the market gains volatility.

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Are We One Step Closer to a Major Correction?

Major sell signal on the horizon. EURNZD going lower after the price broke the lower line of the flag and later tested it as a resistance. For a look at all of today’s economic events, check out our ...

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