EUR NZD Forex Chart

Here is a EUR NZD forex chart which updates in real-time for todays current Euro and New Zealand Dollar rate. You can study price trends using longer time frames, use technical indicators to perform analysis and change the display to suit your needs.

While the Euro and New Zealand Dollar rate is not classed as a major forex pair, it is still highly liquid with many huge transcations occuring between these two economies. Banking transactions, business and private individuals all follow the EUR NZD exchange rate closely to try find the optimum time to send money.

Latest EURNZD News

EUR/NZD technical analysis: The pair is showing signs of breaking lower

EUR/USD is trading above 1.10, stabilizing after falling on Friday. President Trump has expressed pessimism about reaching a deal with China. Japanese data came in below expected, providing additional ...

EUR/NZD: Will a Short-Covering Rally Materialize?

While this represents long-term bearish news for the EUR/NZD, the economic warnings in today’s New Zealand Treasury report should not be ignored and a short-term reversal, partially fueled by a ...

NZD Weekly Trade Results

And for most, its the main part to count and our trades as usual worked perfectly to entry and target. Posted at week's beginning was 4 NZD pairs and GBP/NZD and EUR/NZD. The telling characteristic ...