EUR NZD Forex Chart

Here is a EUR NZD forex chart which updates in real-time for todays current Euro and New Zealand Dollar rate. You can study price trends using longer time frames, use technical indicators to perform analysis and change the display to suit your needs.

While the Euro and New Zealand Dollar rate is not classed as a major forex pair, it is still highly liquid with many huge transcations occuring between these two economies. Banking transactions, business and private individuals all follow the EUR NZD exchange rate closely to try find the optimum time to send money.

Latest EURNZD News

EUR/NZD Has Potential To Rise Sharply

EUR/NZD has been falling after its recent spike following the March 2020 market sell-off, which sent almost all major EUR FX crosses sharply higher. This previo ...

FxWirePro: EUR/NZD pauses decline, downside risk remains

EUR/NZD declined on Tuesday as pair failed to breach a key resistance at 1.7570 ( 38.2% fib). The pair traded as high as 1.7570 before easing to trade around 1.6677 in late US session. Technicals ...

EUR/NZD: Downside Expected After Rejection of Price Action

The descending resistance level is adding to downside pressure. Bears are in complete control over the EUR/NZD, with this technical indicator sliding deeper into negative territory. Adding one ...

EUR/NZD: Bulling back towards resistance zone

Long-term bias is bearish, and bears can look for potential shorting opportunities around the mid-term resistance zone with 1.7220 being the first area of support to look out for. A strong daily break ...

Euro Charts Hint at Rise, EU Stoxx 50 at Risk Amid Stimulus Talks

EUR/GBP, EUR/NZD poised to move higher whilst stimulus talks hamper the EU Stoxx 50 Index’s three-month rally.