USD CHF Forex Chart

USD CHF real time forex chart with indicators, drawing tools and various displays for making technical analysis studies. Rates update 24 hours per day, Monday to Friday.

The US DOllar and Swiss Franc forex cross rate is one of many volatile USD pairs. These nations complete billions in transactions every month and the rate can be fast moving when there is economic data such as interest rate changes, or unemployment figures released.

Latest USDCHF News

USD/CHF coils below 0.9250 on fading Fed’s USD gains

The USD/CHF pair prints minute gains on the last trading day of the week. The pair remained unfazed by the Fed’s policy update and SNB’s interest rate decision and continued to trade in a broader ...

USD/CHF holds steady near mid-0.9200s, moves little post-SNB

The market reacted little after the SNB announced its monetary policy decision on Thursday. The risk-on mood, the Fed’s more hawkish tilt supports prospects for some near-term upside. The USD/CHF pair ...

USD/CHF forecast: SNB interest rate decision preview

What is the outlook of the USD/SGD pair after the latest Singapore trade numbers? We explain why the pair may soon break out higher.

USD/CHF: Strong Bullish Trend Challenging Mid-Term Junctures

The USD/CHF has climbed to new short-term highs in early trading today as the Forex pair is within sight of springtime ratios.

Forex Forecast: Pairs in Focus

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