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Currency forecasts for British Pound, US Dollar, Euro, Yen, Swiss Franc and Australian Dollar. Forecast for currencies are updated regularly and video commentary is updated each day on the movements in rates and the economic conditions affecting them.


British Pound Forecast - US Dollar Forecast - Euro Forecast

The forecast and new are opinions of independant currency commentators. Please use them for information only, when trading forex it is helpfull to get the opinions of others who watch certain currencies like the British Pound, US Dollar or Euro. The writers look ahead at an economic data calendar to what is forecast to be released, and past reactions to releases. As is well known in the forex trading world, you cannot predict how news can move a currency in the short term, there will always be other factors apart from the data which will halt a rally or stall a drop. Please form your own opinion when trading forex, and read as much information as possible, this way you can validate your own thinking and make your own currency forecast.